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A3 Posters 170gsm
June 25, 2018
Create a high quality display sign with our 3mm Foamex Rigid PVC printing at Printjuice. Suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. A versatile choice.
3mm Foamex Rigid PVC
September 12, 2018
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A6 Stapled Brochure

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A6 Stapled Brochure



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Supplied Artwork: Sometimes creative bunnies don’t get it quite right. To help us to help you, please check if your design bunny has left a 5mm space from the trim line to the edge of the text. Please also check all information, mobile numbers, email address and any other typographical information is correct as this is the onus of the sender (and not Printjuice) to check. Once your artwork has been submitted to Printjuice, any typographical errors found on the printed matter is not the responsibility of Printjuice and will not be re-printed. Sorry!

Printjuice Created Artwork: Our creative bunnies have created some stunning artwork. Please check all the information paying careful attention to email addresses, telephone numbers and of course spellings as sometimes, but very rarely, these slip through. (Animals do make occasional mistakes!). Once you have approved your artwork, any errors found on the printed matter is not the responsibility of Printjuice, this includes typographical errors and will not be re-printed. Sorry!

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